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High cassava peel meal - based diets with animal fat and enzyme for broilers

Dayal, Avinesh and Diarra, Siaka S. and Lameta, Sonny and Devi, Ashika and Amosa, Falaniko (2018) High cassava peel meal - based diets with animal fat and enzyme for broilers. Livestock Research for Rural Development, 30 (99). TBC. ISSN 0121-3784

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The study investigated the effect of fat and enzyme on utilisation of cassava peel meal by broiler. Total of 250 Ross 308 broiler chicks, 10 d-old, were allotted to five diets consisting of a control and 4 diets containing CPM with fat and enzyme singly or in combination. Feed intake, feed: gain, relative weights of carcass, thigh and drumstick were not affected (10-41 d). Weight gain was reduced (P<0.05) on CPM but addition of fat, enzyme or fat plus enzyme markedly improved weight gain. Breast muscle deposition was depressed on the groups fed CPM alone but this was corrected by fat or enzyme addition with the maximum deposition in the fat and enzyme supplemented groups. Enzyme supplementation resulted in a heavier liver while the weights of crop and pancreas were increased on CPM alone. There were no treatment effects on the relative weight of proventriculus and gizzard. Feeding CPM with challenzyme or fat plus enzyme reduced the weight of small intestine while caeca weight was increased on CPM fed alone. Replacement of 40% maize with CPM adversely affects broiler performance but enzyme and tallow supplementation restores performance. More research is recommended into higher levels of CPM, source and concentrations of fat and enzyme products and nutrient utilisation.

Item Type: Journal Article
Subjects: S Agriculture > SF Animal culture
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Date Deposited: 06 Jun 2018 23:10
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