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La Pirogue, retour vers le futur. Histoire et revitalisation de patrimoine maritime du pacifique

Nuttall, Peter (2018) La Pirogue, retour vers le futur. Histoire et revitalisation de patrimoine maritime du pacifique. In: Revue d'histoire maritime N° 25. Presses Universite Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, France, pp. 49-68. ISBN 979-10-231-0578-0

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Summary of Book Do the ships of historians leave the harbor? If we have many excellent works on shipbuilding, the sociology of seafarers or roads and maritime flows, the building confronted with the elements and life on board are realities much less often studied. The historian confronted with many questions of a technical nature comes up against both the relative scarcity of sources and the frequent silence of the crew on his life and work on board. Evidence and routine are rarely recorded in writing, unlike the unusual and the exceptional. Based on examples taken from antiquity to the present day and on the main seas of the globe, from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, the ship is considered here as a system of technical means implemented by men endowed with know-how in a specific environment that imposes its constraints. We will thus see both the slow and imperceptible damage of time and elements that those inflicted by the brutality of men and nature, the precautions taken as the repairs to be made, the navigation practices as well as the supplies and behaviors to edge.

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