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Danio rerio embryos on Prozac – Effects on the detoxification mechanism and embryo development

Cunha, V and Rodrigues, P and Santos, M.M. and Moradas-Ferreira, P and Ferreira, Marta (2016) Danio rerio embryos on Prozac – Effects on the detoxification mechanism and embryo development. Aquatic Toxicology, 178 . pp. 182-189. ISSN 0166-445X

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In the past decade the presence of psychopharmaceuticals, including fluoxetine (FLU), in the aquaticenvironment has been associated with the increasing trend in human consumption of these substances.Aquatic organisms are usually exposed to chronic low doses and, therefore, risk assessments shouldevaluate the effects of these compounds in non-target organisms. Teleost fish possess an array of activedefence mechanisms to cope with the deleterious effects of xenobiotics. These include ABC transporters,phase I and II of cellular detoxification and oxidative stress enzymes. Hence, the present study aimed atcharacterising the effect of FLU on embryo development of the model teleost zebrafish (Danio rerio) con-comitantly with changes in the detoxification mechanisms during early developmental phases. Embryoswere exposed to different concentrations of FLU (0.0015, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5 and 0.8-M) for 80 hours post fer-tilization. Development was screened and the impact in the transcription of key genes, i.e., abcb4, abcc1,abcc2, abcg2, cyp1a, cyp3a65, gst, sod, cat, ahr, pxr, ppar˛, pparˇ, ppar-, rxraa, rxrab, rxrbb, rxrga, rxrgb,raraa, rarab, rarga evaluated. In addition, accumulation assays were performed to measure the activity ofABC proteins and antioxidant enzymes (CAT and Cu/ZnSOD) after exposure to FLU. Embryo developmentwas disrupted at the lowest FLU concentration tested (0.0015 -M), which is in the range of concen-trations found in WWTP effluents. Embryos exposed to higher concentrations of FLU decreased Cu/ZnSOD, and increased CAT (0.0015 and 0.5 -M) enzymatic activity. Exposure to higher concentrations ofFLU decreased the expression of most genes belonging to the detoxification system and upregulated catat 0.0015 -M of FLU. Most of the tested concentrations downregulated ppar˛, pparˇ, ppar-, and raraa,rxraa, rxrab, rxrbb rxrgb and ahr gene expression while pxr was significantly up regulated at all testedconcentrations. In conclusion, this study shows that FLU can impact zebrafish embryo development, atconcentrations found in effluents of WWTPs, concomitantly with changes in antioxidant enzymes, andthe transcription of key genes involved in detoxification and development. These finding raises additionalconcerns supporting the need to monitor the presence of this compound in aquatic reservoirs.

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