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Journal Article

Tiwari, Pradeep K. and Shukla, Gaurav (2023) COVID-19: Business Interruption Insurance Claims: ‘A Double Jeopardy in the History of Mankind’. Business Law Review, 44 (6). pp. 212-219. ISSN 0143-6295

Tiwari, Pradeep K. and Shukla, Gaurav (2022) The evolution of insurance law in Fiji: the past and present. Insurance Law Journal, 32 . pp. 33-51. ISSN 1030-2379

Tiwari, Pradeep K. and Shukla, Gaurav (2022) The Disproportionate Rights and Duties of the Insurer and the Insured in Fiji. Business Law Review, 43 (2). pp. 77-84. ISSN 1533-7421

Pandey, Suesh and Shukla, Gaurav and Lingam, Shiu (2021) Cultural change and economic achievements of descendants of Indian indentured labourers in Fiji. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 22 (3). pp. 417-442. ISSN 1753-0806

Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Democratic deficit: the Electoral System under Fiji’s 2013 Constitution. Journal of the Australasian Law Academics Association, 13/14 . pp. 119-131. ISSN 2652-6573

Tiwari, Avin and Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Emerging trends of cross border mergers and its tax implications in India: a critical appraisal. BRICS Law Journal, 8 (1). pp. 116-134. ISSN 2409-9058

Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Limitation of benefit - the route to curtail tax avoidance or a disguise: an Indian perspective. The Lawyers Quarterly, 11 (1). pp. 50-69. ISSN 1805-840X

Tiwari, Avin and Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Merger control & taxation of cross - border merger and acquisitions in Australia, New Zealand, and India: a comparative analysis. Chanakya National Law University Journal, 9 . pp. 186-203. ISSN 0976-805X

Shukla, Gaurav and Pandey, Suesh and Lingam, Shiu (2020) Tax effects of treaty shopping and OECD’s BEPS implications. FIIB Business Review, 9 (2). pp. 85-93. ISSN 2319-7145

Tiwari, Avin and Shukla, Gaurav and Pandey, Suesh (2020) Cross border M&A’S in ASEAN and India: a comparative critique. Journal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics, 11 (2). pp. 619-638. ISSN 2068-696X

Shukla, Gaurav and Pandey, Suesh (2020) Capital gains in Fiji: legislative framework and key issues. Asia Pacific Journal of Taxation, 24 (1). pp. 54-66. ISSN 1027-5592

Shukla, Gaurav (2018) Corporate governance & tax planning. Taxmann, 97 . pp. 645-654. ISSN NA

Shukla, Gaurav (2018) Global overview of Greenfield investment and foreign institutional investors: a critical analysis. India International Journal of Juridical Sciences, 7 (2). pp. 54-73. ISSN 2278-3237

Meher, Sumanta and Shukla, Gaurav (2018) Restorative justice to the victims of terrorism in the criminal justice system of India. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 12 (8). NA. ISSN 2319-3948

Meher, Sumanta and Shukla, Gaurav (2017) The restorative justice to the victims of terrorist attacks in India. Journal of the Indian Law Institute, 59 (4). pp. 383-396. ISSN 0019-5731

Shukla, Gaurav and Rote, Nikhil and Saxena, Jya (2016) The curious case of tax havens. Law Review, 36 . pp. 18-37. ISSN 2349-946X

Shukla, Gaurav and Ghosh, Jayanta (2015) Tax avoidance and limitation of benefit. Indian Journal of Tax Law, 2 . pp. 1-20. ISSN NA

Shukla, Mamta and Shukla, Gaurav (2014) Witness anonymity & protection: balancing under criminal law. Journal of Education and Social Policy, 1 (2). pp. 97-108. ISSN 2375-0782

Shukla, Gaurav and Shrivastava, Shishir (2014) Anti - dumping law: an empty Euphoria or Real Protection? Chotanagpur Law Journal, 7-8 . pp. 160-170. ISSN 0973-5858

Shukla, Gaurav (2013) Treaty shopping - less tax with positioning of conduits. Corporate Professionals Today, 27 (5). pp. 422-437. ISSN 0975-9948

Shukla, Gaurav (2012) Double taxation agreement: an epigrammatic study. MATS University Journal, 1 (1). pp. 142-147. ISSN 2250-3889

Shukla, Gaurav and Goutam, Swapneshwar (2009) Concept of slump sale & taxation issues in India. Madras Law Journal, 3 . pp. 74-80. ISSN NA

Shukla, Gaurav (2009) Deductions; profit and gains derived from industrial undertaking held by companies. Taxmann, 180 . pp. 179-187. ISSN NA

Shukla, Gaurav (2009) Goods & service tax - a Boon or a Curse to the Indian Scenario? Indian Bar Review, XXXVI . pp. 23-36. ISSN NA

Shukla, Gaurav (2009) Securitization a measure to develop the economy. Supreme Laws Today, 2 . pp. 1-7. ISSN NA

Shukla, Gaurav (2009) The dynamics of windfall taxation system. Taxmann, 178 . pp. 64-71. ISSN NA

Shukla, Gaurav (2008) The Cursor of customs laws: the Indian scenario. Service Tax Today, 17 . pp. 53-60. ISSN NA

Shukla, Gaurav (2008) Unregistered trade marks and other commercial signs in every expanding market: a Indian perspective. Indian Bar Review, XXXV . pp. 199-210. ISSN NA

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