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Arikibe, Joachim E. and Lata, Roselyn A. and Rohindra, David (2021) Bacterial Cellulose/Chitosan hydrogels synthesized in situ for biomedical application. Journal of Applied Biosciences, 162 . pp. 16675-16693. ISSN 1997-5902


Boboria, Dickson and Maata, Matakite and Mani, Francis S. (2021) Metal pollution in sediments and bivalves in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 164 . p. 112026. ISSN 0025-326X

Bucol, Abner A. and Abesamis, Rene A. and Stockwell, Brian and Lowe, Jake R. and Russ, Garry R. (2021) Development of reproductive potential in protogynous coral reef fishes within Philippine no-take marine reserves. Journal of Fish Biology, TBC . pp. 1-15. ISSN 0022-1112


Dehm, Jasha and Singh, Shubha S. and Ferreira, Marta and Piovano, Susanna and Fick, Jerker (2021) Screening of pharmaceuticals in coastal waters of the southern coast of Viti Levu in Fiji, South Pacific. Chemosphere, 276 . NA. ISSN 0045-6535

Diarra, Ivan and Kotra, Krishna K. and Prasad, Surendra (2021) Application of phytoremediation for heavy metal contaminated sites in the South Pacific: strategies, current challenges and future prospects. Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, NA . NA. ISSN 0570-4928

Diarra, Siaka S. (2021) Prospects for the utilization of Senna obtusifolia products as protein supplements for poultry. Poultry Science, 100 (8). p. 101245. ISSN 0032-5791

Diarra, Siaka S. and Lameta, Sonny and Amosa, Falaniko and Anand, Sanjay (2021) Alternative bedding materials for poultry: availability, efficacy and major constraints. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 8 . NA. ISSN 2297-1769

Dutra, Leo and Haywood, Michael D.E. and Singh, Shubha S. and Ferreira, Marta and Johnson, Johanna E. and Veitayaki, Joeli and Kininmonth, Stuart and Morris, Cherrie W. and Piovano, Susanna (2021) Synergies between local and climate-driven impacts on coral reefs in the Tropical Pacific: A review of issues and adaptation opportunities. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 164 . p. 111922. ISSN 0025-326X


Faivre, Gaelle and Sami, Erie and Mackey, Brendan and Tomlinson, Rodger and Zhang, Hong and Kotra, Krishna K. and Aimbie, Jim and Maniel, Michael and Vieira de Silva, Guilherme and Rand, Emily C. (2021) Water circulation and impact on water quality in the southwest of Efate Island, Vanuatu. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 173 . NA. ISSN 0025-326X

Fepuleai, Aleni and Németh, Károly and Muliaina, Tolu A. (2021) Geopark Impact for the Resilience of Communities in Samoa, SW Pacifc. Geoheritage, 13 (50). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1867-2477

Ford, Amanda K. and Visser, Petra M. and van Herk, Maria J. and Jongepier, Evelien and Bonito, V. (2021) First insights into the impacts of benthic cyanobacterial mats on fish herbivory functions on a nearshore coral reef. Scientific Reports, 11 (7147). NA. ISSN 2045-2322


Haak, Edgar and Nakamura, Naohiro (2021) Perceptions of local community members towards foreign aid: A case study of Vava'u, Tonga. New Zealand Geographer, 77 . pp. 1-10. ISSN 0028-8144


Islam, Md. Amirul and De, Rajib Kumar and Hossain, Md. Alamgir and Haque, Md. Sabibul and Uddin, Md. Nesar and Fakir, Md. Solaiman Ali and Kader, Md. Abdul and Dessoky, Eldessoky S. and Attia, Attia O. and El-Hallous, Ehab I. and Hossain, Akbar (2021) Evaluation of the Tolerance Ability of Wheat Genotypes to Drought Stress: Dissection through Culm-Reserves Contribution and Grain Filling Physiology. Agronomy, 11 (6). p. 1252. ISSN 2073-4395


Kader, Md. Abdul and Mian, M.J.A. and Jahangir, M.M.R. (2021) Long term fertilization in a subtropical floodplain soil in Bangladesh. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome.

Katovai, Eric and Katovai, Dawnie D. and Cambell, Mason and Laurance, Susan G. and Edwards, Will and Laurance, William F. (2021) Structural recovery of logged forests in the Solomon Islands: implications for conservation and management. Tropical Conservation Science, 14 . pp. 1-14. ISSN 1940-0829

Katovai, Eric and Katovai, Dawnie D. and Laurance, William F. (2021) Potential Restoration Approaches for Heavily Logged Tropical Forests in Solomon Islands. In: Shaping the Future of Small Islands. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore. ISBN 978-981-15-4882-6

Kawai, Kei and Nishimura, Satoru and Torii, Takashi and Ogawa, Ryoichi and Cokanasiga, Api and Veitayaki, Joeli (2021) Movement of Bivalves (Anadara spp.) from Fishing Grounds onto Land in the Fiji Islands. Journal of Island Studies, 22 (1). pp. 15-40. ISSN 1884-7013

Kayode, Bukola and Kayode, Rowland and Salami, Khadijat and Obilana, Anthony and George, Toyosi and Dudu, Olayemi and Adebo, Oluwafemi and Njobeh, Patrick and Diarra, Siaka S. and Oyeyinka, Samson (2021) Morphology and physicochemical properties of starch isolated from frozen cassava root. LWT, 147 . NA. ISSN 0023-6438

Kiatiporntipthak, Krittameth and Thajai, Nanthicha and Kanthiya, Thidarat and Rachtanapun, Pornchai and Leksawasdi, Noppol and Phimolsiripol, Yuthana and Rohindra, David and Ruksiriwanich, Warintorn and Sommano, Sarana R. and Jantanasakulwong, Kittisak (2021) Reaction mechanism and mechanical property improvement of Poly(Lactic Acid) reactive blending with Epoxy Resin. Polymers, 13 (15). NA. ISSN 2073-4360

Kitolelei, Salanieta and Thaman, Randy and Veitayaki, Joeli and Breckwoldt, Annette and Piovano, Susanna (2021) Na Vuku Makawa ni Qoli: Indigenous Fishing Knowledge (IFK) in Fiji and the Pacific. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8 . p. 684303. ISSN 2296-7745

Koester, Anna and Ford, Amanda K. and Ferse, Sebastian C.A. and Migani, Valentina and Bunbury, Nancy and Sanchez, Cheryl and Wild, Christian (2021) First insights into coral recruit and juvenile abundances at remote Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles. PLoS ONE, 16 (12). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1932-6203

Kour, Sumeet and Khurma, Uma R. and Brodie, Gilianne D. (2021) Ecological characterisation of native isolates of Heterorhabditis indica from Viti Levu, Fiji Islands. Journal of Nematology, 53 (e2021). pp. 1-20. ISSN 0022-300X

Kumar, Satendra and Islam, Abu R. and Hasanuzzaman, Md. and Ongoma, Victor and Khan, Rahat and Mallick, Javed (2021) Water resources pollution associated with risks of heavy metals from Vatukoula Goldmine region, Fiji. Journal of Environmental Management, 293 . NA. ISSN 0301-4797

Kumar, Satendra and Islam, Abu R. and Hasanuzzaman, Md. and Salam, Roquia and Khan, Rahat and Islam, Md. S. (2021) Preliminary assessment of heavy metals in surface water and sediment in Nakuvadra-Rakiraki River, Fiji using indexical and chemometric approaches. Journal of Environmental Management, 298 . NA. ISSN 0301-4797


Lal, Monal M and Macahig, Deo A S and Brown, Kelly T. and Juinio-Menez, Marie A and Southgate, Paul C and Ravago-Gotanco, Rachel (2021) Preliminary population genomic study on the sandfish Holothuria (Metriatyla) scabra. Animal Genetics, N/A . TBC. ISSN 0268-9146

Lenz, Marie-Isabell and Galvin, Stephen and Keppel, Gunnar and Gopaul, Sunil and Kowasch, Matthias and Dyer, Michael J. and Watling, Dick and Lodhar, Sherri and Hanson, Geon C. and Erasmi, Stefan and Boehmer, Hans J. (2021) Where to invade next: inaction on biological invasions threatens sustainability in a small island developing state of the tropical South Pacific. In: Sustainable Development: Asia-Pacific Perspectives. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 0521897173, 9780521897174


Maeaba, Wilson and Kumari, Rashmi and Prasad, Surendra (2021) Spectroscopic assessment of heavy metals pollution in roadside soil and road dust: a review. Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, 56 (7). pp. 588-611. ISSN 0570-4928

Magbalot-Fernandez, Alminda and Hindoy Jr., Carlito M. and Ubaub, Leslie (2021) In vitro efficacy of different antibiotics against contaminants of tissue - cultured ‘Lakatan’ banana. Annals of Tropical Research, 43 (2). pp. 35-50. ISSN 0116-0710

Marcos, Concepción and Diaz, David and Fietz, Katharina and Forcada, Aitor and Ford, Amanda K. and Garcia-Charton, José Antonio and Goñi, Raquel and Lenfant, Philippe and Mallol, Sandra and Mouillot, David and Pérez-Marcos, Maria and Puebla, Oscar and Manel, Stephanie and Pérez-Ruzafa, Angel (2021) Reviewing the ecosystem services, societal goods, and benefits of marine protected areas. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8 . pp. 1-37. ISSN 2296-7745


Naaz, Zafiar T. and Raj, Krishneel and Singh, Kriti K. and Lata, Shonal and Singh, Ashneel A. (2021) Evaluating antimicrobial activity and total phenolic content of commonly used herbs and spices in Fiji. Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine, 33 (3). pp. 108-117. ISSN 2209-1203

Naidu, Roselyn and Ford, Murray and Kench, Paul and Hallock, Pamela and Prasad, Rajesh (2021) Growth and Fecundity of Marginopora vertebralis and Amphistegina lobifera in laboratory culture. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 51 (3). pp. 210-224. ISSN 0096-1191


Pierre-Louis, Randy and Kader, Md. Abdul and Desai, Nandakumar and John, Eleanor (2021) Potentiality of Vermicomposting in the South Pacific Island countries: a review. Agriculture, 11 (9). pp. 1-17. ISSN 2077-0472


Rambaran, Theresa F. and Ginigini, Joape and McLenachan, Patricia A. and Bowen-Forbes, Camille S. and Mitchell, Sylvia Adjoa (2021) Morphological Characterisation of Wild Rubus rosifolius (Rosaceae) Plants Growing in Jamaica Prior to Agricultural Pursuits. Caribbean Journal of Science, 51 (1). pp. 1-13. ISSN 0008-6452

Rashni, Bindiya (2021) Freshwater Biomonitoring: An Ecosystem-Based Approach (EbA) for Building Climate Resilience Communities in Fiji. In: Ecosystem-Based Disaster and Climate Resilience: Integration of Blue-Green Infrastructure in Sustainable Development. Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 483-500. ISBN 978-981-16-4815-1

Raturi, Shikha and Osborne-Naikatini, Tamara and Singh, Gurmeet (2021) Eportfolio: A Multi – Dimensional Tool in Learning and Professional Practice for Life Long Learning. In: Learning Technologies and Higher Education: A Pacific Perspective. USP Press, Suva, Fiji, pp. 88-114. ISBN 9789820110014

Rivas-Torres, Anais and Rashni, Bindiya and Waqa-Sakiti, Hilda F.V. and Tuiwawa, Marika and Lorenzo-Carballa, Maria Olalla and Beatty, Christopher D. and Cordero-Rivera, Adolfo (2021) Nesobasis rito sp. nov. (Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae), a new species of forest damselfly from Vanua Levu, Fiji. Zootaxa, 5082 (2). pp. 101-117. ISSN 1175-5326

Roy, Rana and Mahboob, M.Golam and Arena, Carmen and Kader, Md. Abdul and Sultana, Shirin and Hasan, Ahmed K. and Wang, Jinxin and Sarker, Tanwne and Zhang, Ruiqi and Barmon, Milon (2021) The Modulation of Water, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous Supply for Growth Optimization of the Evergreen Shrubs Ammopiptanthus mongolicus for Revegetation Purpose. Frontiers in Plant Science, 12 . NA. ISSN 1664-462X


Shah, Tayyab and Sidloski, Michaela and Toroca, Elisa (2021) Mapping the spatial variability of sexually transmitted infections across Fiji health regions. Pacific Health, 4 . pp. 1-15. ISSN 2537-8864

Singh, Ashneel A. and Maharaj, Anish and Singh, Priyatma (2021) Benthic resource baseline mapping of Cakaunisasi and Yarawa reef ecosystem in the Ba region of Fiji. Water, 13 (4). NA. ISSN 2073-4441

Singh, Ashneel A. and Maharaj, Anish A. and Naidu, Havish and Raj, Kushaal and Charan, Dhrishna and Chand, Ravneel and Singh, Sanjay and Joseph, Lionel and Singh, Priyatma and Prasad, Ramendra (2021) Change detection of a coastal woodland mangrove forest in Fiji by integration of remote sensing with spatial mapping. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology, 10 (2). pp. 222-233. ISSN 2278-7666

Singh, Ashneel A. and Ram, Ravinesh and Kumar, Sheemal V. and Aashna, Sheenal and Verma, Shipaldika and Naaz, Zafiar T. and Hatha, Abdulla M. (2021) Depuration of a freshwater clam (Batissa violacea) from Rewa River in Fiji using a bio - filter set-up in closed and open water circulatory system. Nova Biotechnologica et Chimica, 20 (2). e824-e824. ISSN 1338-6905

Siose, Taniela K. and Kader, Md. Abdul (2021) Determination of optimum level of NPK for cultivation of sweetpotato in Samoa. Journal of South Pacific Agriculture, 24 . pp. 12-22. ISSN 1018-7774

Smith, A.J. and Barber, J. and Davis, S. and Jones, C. and Kotra, Krishna K. and Losada, S. and Lyons, B.P. and Mataki, M. and Potter, K.D. and Devlin, Michelle J. (2021) Aquatic contaminants in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu: evidence from passive samplers and Microtox toxicity assessment. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 165 . NA. ISSN 0025-326X

Stefanoudis, Paris V. and Licuanan, Wilfredo Y. and Morrison, Tiffany H. and Talma, Sheena and Veitayaki, Joeli and Woodall, Lucy C. (2021) Turning the tide of parachute science. Current Biology, 31 (4). R184-R185. ISSN 0960-9822

Stefanoudis, Paris V. and Licuanan, Wilfredo Y. and Morrison, Tiffany H. and Talma, Sheena and Veitayaki, Joeli and Woodall, Lucy C. (2021) Turning the tide of parachute science. UNSPECIFIED.


Varea, Rufino and Paris, Andrew and Ferreira, Marta and Piovano, Susanna (2021) Multibiomarker responses to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and microplastics in thumbprint emperor Lethrinus harak from a South Pacific locally managed marine area. Scientific Reports, 11 (17991). NA. ISSN 2045-2322

Veitayaki, Joeli (2021) Saving coastal fisheries in the Pacific: food, livelihoods and community security. UNSPECIFIED.

Veitayaki, Joeli (2021) Securing coastal fisheries in the Pacific: Critical resources for food, livelihood and community security. Development Bulletin, 82 . pp. 56-60. ISSN 1035-1132

Veitayaki, Joeli and Nuttall, Peter and Chand, Prerna (2021) Living Climate Change Impacts in Pacific SIDS: Articulating the Pacific Way in an Unresponsive World. Ocean Yearbook , 35 . pp. 239-270. ISSN 0191-8575


Weber, Eberhard (2021) Climate change, disasters and cooperation in SIDS. Development Cooperation Review, 4 (4). pp. 3-20. ISSN 2074-3688

Weber, Eberhard and Koto, Camari (2021) Disturbing the creation of a spatial system – outside intervention and urbanization in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. In: The Routledge Handbook of Small Towns. Routledge, London & New York. ISBN 9780367555900

Wotlolan, Dean L. and Lowry, John and Wales, Nathan and Glencross, Kevin (2021) Land suitability evaluation for multiple crop agroforestry planning using GIS and multi - criteria decision analysis: a case study in Fiji. Agroforestry Systems, NA . NA. ISSN 0167-4366


Álvarez-Varas, Rocío and Heidemeyer, Maike and Riginos, Cynthia and Benítez, Hugo A. and Reséndiz, Eduardo and Lara-Uc, Mónica and Godoy, Daniel A. and Muñoz-Pérez, Juan P. and Alarcón-Ruales, Daniela E. and Vélez-Rubio, Gabriela M. and Fallabrino, Alejandro and Piovano, Susanna and Alfaro-Shigueto, Joanna and Ortiz-Alvarez, Clara and Mangel, Jeffrey C. and Esquerré, Damien and Zárate, Patricia and Medrano, Carol and Miranda, Fabiola L. and Guerrero, Felipe and Vianna, Juliana A. and Véliz, David (2021) Integrating morphological and genetic data at different spatial scales in a cosmopolitan marine turtle species: challenges for management and conservation. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 191 (2). pp. 434-453. ISSN 0024-4082

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