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Accetta, Angelo and Cirrincione, Maurizio and D’Ippolito, Filippo and Pucci, Marcello and Sferlazza, Antonino (2022) Input-Output Feedback Linearization Control of a Linear Induction Motor Taking Into Consideration Its Dynamic End-Effects and Iron Losses. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 58 (3). pp. 3664-3673. ISSN 0093-9994

Accetta, Angelo and Cirrincione, Maurizio and Pucci, Marcello and Sferlazza, Antonino (2022) Feedback Linearization Based Nonlinear Control of SynRM Drives Accounting for Self- and Cross-Saturation. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 58 (3). pp. 3637-3651. ISSN 0093-9994


Bulivou, Gabiriele and Reddy, Karuna G. and Khan, Mohammad G.M. (2022) A Novel method of clustering using a Stochastic approach. IEEE Access, 10 . pp. 117925-117943. ISSN 2169-3536

Buscemi, Alessandro and Catrini, Pietro and Piacentino, Antonio and Cardona, Fabio and Kumar, Dhirendran (2022) Energy-saving potential of ground source multiple chillers in simple and hybrid configurations for Mediterranean climates. Energy Conversion and Management, 263 . p. 115721. ISSN 0196-8904


Chand, Ravinesh and Chand, Ronal P. and Kumar, Sandeep A. (2022) Switch controllers of an n - link revolute manipulator with a prismatic end effector for landmark navigation. PeerJ Computer Science, 8 . NA. ISSN 2376-5992

Chand, Ravinesh and Kumar, Sandeep A. and Chand, Ronal P. and Reddy, Shabnam (2022) A car - like mobile manipulator with an n - link Prismatic Arm. [Conference Proceedings]

Chand, Ronal P. and Kumar, Sandeep A. and Chand, Ravinesh and Tamath, Robert (2022) Lyapunov - based controllers of an n - link Prismatic Robot Arm. [Conference Proceedings]

Chand, Vishal and Chaudhary, Kaylash C. and Sharma, Bibhya N. and Prasad, Avinesh (2022) Landmark aided Robot path planning using stepping - ahead firefly algorithm. [Conference Proceedings]

Chaudhary, Kaylash C. and Prasad, Avinesh and Chand, Vishal and Sharma, Bibhya N. (2022) ACO - Kinematic: a hybrid first off the starting block. PeerJ Computer Science, 8 . NA. ISSN 2376-5992

Chaudhary, Kaylash C. (2022) Matlab code - FAStep-Kinematic Algorithm. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)


Eipakchi, Hamidreza and Nasrekani, Farid M. (2022) Nonlinear static analysis of composite cylinders with metamaterial core layer, adjustable Poisson’s ratio, and non - uniform thickness. Steel and Composite Structures, 43 (2). pp. 241-256. ISSN 1229-9367

Eipakchi, Hamidreza and Nasrekani, Farid M. (2022) A closed-form solution for asymmetric free vibration analysis of composite cylindrical shells with metamaterial honeycomb core layer based on shear deformation theory. Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, NA . NA. ISSN 1539-7734

Eipakchi, Hamidreza and Nasrekani, Farid M. (2022) Linear and nonlinear free vibration analysis of super - light composite beams with honeycomb core layer and adjustable Poisson’s ratio using multiple - scale method. Acta Mechanica, 14 . NA. ISSN 0001-5970


Goundar, Sam and Deb, Arpana S. and Lal, Goel and Naseem, Mohammed (2022) Using online student interactions to predict performance in a first-year computing science course. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, TBC . pp. 1-19. ISSN 1475-939X


Jannif, Nayzel I. and Ram, Krishnil R. and Bangalini, Kaluwin and Loli, Andrea and Mohammadi, Ali and Cirrincione, Maurizio (2022) Supercapacitor Parameter Estimation and Hybridyzation with PEMFC for Purge Compensation. [Conference Proceedings]

Jokhan, Anjeela D. and Chand, Aneesh A. and Vineet, Singh and Mamun, Kabir (2022) Increased digital resource consumption in higher educational institutions and the artificial intelligence role in informing decisions related to student performance. Sustainability, 14 (4). NA. ISSN 2071-1050


Kumar, Amit K. and Mai, Nguyễn N. and Kumar, Ashmit and Chand, Nividita V. and Assaf, Mansour (2022) Quantum classifier for recognition and identification of leaf profile features. The European Physical Journal D, 76 (110). NA. ISSN 1434-6060

Kumar, Bimal A. and Sharma, Bibhya N. and Nakagawa, Elisa Y. (2022) Architectural support for context - aware mobile learning applications. Education and Information Technologies, 27 . pp. 3723-3741. ISSN 1360-2357

Kumar, Edwin A. and Kumar, Sushil (2022) Geomagnetic storm effect on F2 - region ionosphere during 2012 at Low - and Mid - Latitude - Latitude Stations in the Southern Hemisphere. Atmosphere, 13 (3). NA. ISSN 2073-4433

Kumar, Krishan and Lesuma-Fatiaki, Alanieta and Namositava, Niko and Varea, Ethelwyn and Hussein, Mohammed J. and Yusuf, Javed (2022) Planning and design of online peer assessment professional development training in higher education. [Conference Proceedings]

Kumar, Sandeep A. and Chand, Kunal and Paea, Lata I. and Thakur, Imanuel and Vatikani, Maria (2022) Herding predators using swarm intelligence. [Conference Proceedings]

Kumar, Sarwan and Kumar, Sushil and Kumar, Abhikesh (2022) Earthquakes associated subionospheric VLF anomalies recorded at two low latitude stations in the South Pacific region. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 229 . NA. ISSN 1364-6826

Kumar, Sarvesh and Kumar, Sushil (2022) Initial morphological results of the GPS L - band amplitude scintillation from Tarawa equatorial station. [Conference Proceedings]


Lal, Prashant P. and Prakash, Avishay A. and Chand, Aneesh A. and Prasad, Kushal A. and Mehta, Utkal V. and Assaf, Mansour and Mani, Francis S. and Mamun, Kabir (2022) IoT integrated fuzzy classification analysis for detecting adulterants in cow milk. Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research, 36 . NA. ISSN 2214-1804


Mamun, Kabir and Islam, F M Rabiul and Haque, R. and Chand, Aneesh A. and Prasad, Kushal A. and Goundar, Krishneel K. and Prakash, Krishneel and Maharaj, Sidharth (2022) Systematic modeling and analysis of on - board vehicle integrated novel hybrid renewable energy system with storage for electric vehicles. Sustainability, 14 (5). NA. ISSN 2071-1050

Maurya, Ajeet K. and Pariha, Navin and Dube, Adarsh and Singh, Rajesh and Kumar, Sushil and Chanrion, Olivier and Tomicic, Maja and Neubert, Torsten (2022) Rare observations of sprites and gravity waves supporting D, E, F-regions ionospheric coupling. Scientific Reports - Nature, 12 (581). NA. ISSN 2045-2322

Mehta, Utkal V. and Bingi, Kishore and Saxena, Sahaj (2022) Applied Fractional Calculus in Identification and Control. [Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited]

Milone, Daniele and Curto, Domenico and Franzitta, Vincenzo and Guercio, Andrea and Cirrincione, Maurizio and Mohammadi, Ali (2022) An economic approach to size of a renewable energy mix in small Islands. Energies, 15 (6). NA. ISSN 1996-1073

Mohammad Qolipour, Adel and Eipakchi, Hamidreza and Nasrekani, Farid M. (2022) Asymmetric/Axisymmetric buckling of circular/annular plates under radial load using first-order shear deformation theory. Thin-Walled Structures, 182 . pp. 1-14. ISSN 0263-8231


Nand, Ravneil and Sharma, Bibhya N. and Chaudhary, Kaylash C. (2022) An introduction of preference based stepping ahead firefly algorithm for the uncapacitated examination timetabling. PeerJ Computer Science, 8 . NA. ISSN 2376-5992

Narayan, Sumesh and Kumar, Abhishek K. and Ali, Aruf and Mamun, Kabir (2022) Influence of cutting conditions on dimensional integrity. [Conference Proceedings]

Narayan, Sumesh and Deo, Ashneel and Raj, Anilesh and Kumar, Shaniel and Pratap, Ronesh (2022) Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Novel Wave Energy Converter. [Conference Proceedings]


Padiachy, Vadan and Mehta, Utkal V. and Azid, Sheikh I. and Prasad, Shivneel and Kumar, Rohinesh (2022) Two degree of freedom fractional PI scheme for automatic voltage regulation. Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, 30 . NA. ISSN 2215-0986

Paea, Sione and Katsanos, Christos and Bulivou, Gabiriele (2022) Information architecture using best merge method, category validity, and multidimensional scaling for open card sort data analysis. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, NA . NA. ISSN 1044-7318

Paea, Sione and Katsanos, Christos and Bulivou, Gabiriele (2022) Information architecture: using K - means clustering and the best merge method for open card sorting data analysis. Interacting with Computers, 33 (6). pp. 670-689. ISSN 0953-5438

Prasad, Kushal A. and Chand, Aneesh A. and Kumar, Nallapaneni and Narayan, Sumesh and Mamun, Kabir (2022) A critical review of power take - off wave energy technology leading to the conceptual design of a novel wave - plus - photon energy harvester for Island/Coastal Communities’ energy needs. Sustainability, 14 (4). NA. ISSN 2071-1050

Prasad, Ravneel and Mehta, Utkal V. and Bloomfield, Sela and Charan, Navneet (2022) Fractional - order impedance identification for Inductors. Progress in Fractional Differentiation and Applications, 8 (3). pp. 459-465. ISSN 2356-9336

Prasad, Vineet and Mehta, Utkal V. (2022) Modeling and parametric identification of Hammerstein systems with time delay and asymmetric dead - zones using fractional differential equations. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 167 . NA. ISSN 0888-3270

Prasad, Ravneel and Sharma, Krishneel R. and Gulabdas, Bhavish and Mehta, Utkal V. (2022) Model of fractional - order resonant wireless power transfer system for optimal output. Journal of Electrical Engineering, 73 (4). pp. 258-266. ISSN 1335-3632


Raghunathan, Shriram and Darshan Singh, Abtar and Sharma, Bibhya N. (2022) Study of Resilience in Learning Environments During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Frontiers in Education, 6 . TBC. ISSN 2504-284X

Raghunathan, Shriram and Sharma, Bibhya and Darshan Singh, Abtar K. (2022) Editorial: Analytics and Mathematics in Adaptive and Smart Learning. [Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited]

Ranjan, Anjana and Mehta, Utkal V. (2022) Fractional filter IMC-TDD controller design for integrating processes. Results in Control and Optimization, 8 . NA. ISSN 2666-7207

Reddy, Emmenual and Reddy, Pritika and Sharma, Bibhya N. and Reddy, Karuna G. and Khan, Mohammad G.M. (2022) Readiness and Perception of Pacific Students to Mobile Phones for Higher Education. Technology, Knowledge and Learning, NA . NA. ISSN 2211-1662

Reddy, Pritika and Chaudhary, Kaylash C. and Sharma, Bibhya N. and Hussein, Shamina (2022) Essaying the design, development and validation processes of a new digital literacy scale. Online Information Review, TBC . NA. ISSN 1468-4527

Reddy, Pritika and Sharma, Bibhya N. and Chaudhary, Kaylash C. and Lolohea, Osaiasi and Tamath, Robert (2022) Visual literacy shown through a magnifying lens by high school students. Interactive Technology and Smart Education, TBC . NA. ISSN 1741-5659

Redoblado, Paolo A. A. L. and Kumar, Sarwan and Kumar, Abhikesh and Kumar, Sushil (2022) Lightning evolution and VLF perturbations associated with category 5 TC Yasa in the South Pacific region. Earth, Planets and Space, 74 (65). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1343-8832


Sachaniya, Prashant and Rathod, Jagdishkumar and Mehta, Utkal V. (2022) Design and Fabrication of Axially Corrugated Gaussian Profiled Horn Antenna. In: Smart Antennas. EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing . Springer Nature, Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-030-76635-1; 978-3-030-76636-8

Shankaran, Vivek Pawan and Azid, Sheikh Izzal and Mehta, Utkal V. and Fagiolini, Adriano (2022) Improved Performance in Quadrotor Trajectory Tracking Using MIMO PI-D Control. IEEE Access, 10 . pp. 110646-110660. ISSN 2169-3536

Sharma, Anuraganand and Singh, Prabhat K. and Chandra, Rohitash (2022) SMOTified-GAN for class imbalanced pattern classification problems. IEEE Access, 10 . pp. 30655-30665. ISSN 2169-3536

Sharma, Priynka and Harkishan, Mayuri (2022) Designing an intelligent tutoring system for computer programing in the Pacific. Education and Information Technologies, NA . NA. ISSN 1360-2357

Sharma, Anuraganand and Kumar, Dinesh (2022) Classification with 2-D convolutional neural networks for breast cancer diagnosis. Scientific Reports, 12 (21857). NA. ISSN 2045-2322

Singh, Krishneel and Khan, Mohammad G.M. and Ahmed, Mohammed R. (2022) Wind energy resource assessment for Cook Islands with accurate estimation of Weibull parameters using frequentist and Bayesian methods. IEEE Access, 10 . pp. 25935-25953. ISSN 2169-3536

Sisi, Misel J. and Ahmed, Mohammed R. and Rohindra, David (2022) Experimental investigation on the estimation of the viscous thermodynamic activation energy parameters of vegetable oils extracted from Cocos nucifera, Calophyllum inophyllum and Canarium indicum. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 53 . NA. ISSN 2213-1388

Sukaria, William and Malasa, James and Kumar, Shiu and Kumar, Rahul R. and Assaf, Mansour and Groza, Voicu and Petriu, Emil M. and Das, Sunil (2022) Epileptic Seizure Detection Using Convolution Neural Networks. [Conference Proceedings]

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