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Buksh, Shazna and Hay, Phillipa and de Wit, John B.F. (2021) Urban Fijian Indigenous Families’ Positive and Negative Diet, Eating and Food Purchasing Experiences During the COVID 19 Safety Protocols. Journal of Pacific Studies, 41 (2). pp. 31-53. ISSN 1011-3029


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Kanemasu, Yoko and Johnson, James D. and Dutt, Atele (2021) Case Study from the South Pacific: Women’s Sport Participation in Fiji: through a Lens of Structural Inequality. In: Physical Activity in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780367362232

Kanemasu, Yoko and Rakuita, Tuinawi and Kopf, Andreas (2021) Foregrounding Pacific Epistemologies in Curriculum Review: Exercising Educator Agency in a Process of Institutional Change. Directions: Journal of Educational Studies, 35 (1). pp. 18-28. ISSN 1011-5846

Knijnik, Jorge and Balram, Rohini and Kanemasu, Yoko (2021) Who Owns the Ball? Gender (Dis)Order and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In: Sport, Gender and Mega-Events. Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, BD16, United Kingdom, pp. 149-162. ISBN 978-83982-937-6


Lambert, Louise and Yaaqeib, Saad I. and Crookes, Annie E. and Cody, Brettjet and Saad, Semma (2021) Thoughts on the GCC National Research Context: Challenges to Developing a Local Psychology. In: Toward a Positive Psychology of Islam and Muslims. Cross-Cultural Advancements in Positive Psychology. Cross-Cultural Advancements in Positive Psychology, 15 . Springer Nature, Cham, pp. 359-380. ISBN 978-3-030-72605-8

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Mishra, Margaret C. (2021) ‘Emancipated Women’: The Adis of Fiji and their ‘Native Sisters’. Journal of International Women's Studies, 22 (5). pp. 161-174. ISSN 1539-8706

Mosses, Morsen and Geparo, Talitha-Kumi (2021) The response to COVID-19 and human rights' challenges in Fiji and Vanuatu: were the measures proportionate? Comparative Law Journal of the Pacific, 26 . pp. 177-192. ISSN 1772-1644


Nanau, Gordon (2021) Oceanic Diplomacy: Popo and Supu Diplomacy in the Modern State of Solomon Islands. Department of Pacific Affairs, ANU, Canberra.

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Pandey, Suesh and Shukla, Gaurav and Lingam, Shiu (2021) Cultural change and economic achievements of descendants of Indian indentured labourers in Fiji. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 22 (3). pp. 417-442. ISSN 1753-0806

Passarelli, Denise A. and Amd, Micah and de Oliveira, Marlon A. and de Rose, Julio C. (2021) Augmenting salivation, but not evaluations, through subliminal conditioning of eating - related words. Behavioural Processes, 194 . NA. ISSN 0376-6357


Ryle, Jacqueline (2021) Religious Freedom. In: Christianity in Oceania. Edinburgh University Press, UK, pp. 309-320. ISBN 9781474480079


Sahai, Shirleen and Tabe, Tammy and Ryle, Jacqueline (2021) Cyclone winston: catholic women's faith and agency in a coastal village in Fiji. In: Beyond Belief: Opportunities for Faith-Engaged Approaches to Climate-Change Adaptation in the Pacific Islands. Climate Change Management . Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 117-137. ISBN 978-3-030-67601-8

Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Democratic deficit: the Electoral System under Fiji’s 2013 Constitution. Journal of the Australasian Law Academics Association, 13/14 . pp. 119-131. ISSN 2652-6573

Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Limitation of benefit - the route to curtail tax avoidance or a disguise: an Indian perspective. The Lawyers Quarterly, 11 (1). pp. 50-69. ISSN 1805-840X

Shukla, Gaurav and Sikivou, Peni and Moceisuva, Auta (2021) New Public Management (NPM) Framework, Fiji Correction Services. In: Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Springer, Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-319-31816-5

Subedi, D.B. and Nanau, Gordon and Magar, Dip (2021) From a ‘cultural logic’ to an ‘institutional logic’: the politics of human rights in Pacific Island countries. Journal of Human Rights, 20 (5). pp. 528-546. ISSN 1475-4835

Subramani, Anurag (2021) Dakuwaku. [Creative Works]

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Theys, Sarina (2021) Combatting climate change in the Pacific. The role of regional organizations by Marc Williams and Duncan McDuie-Ra, Cham, Switzerland (e-book), Palgrave MacMillan, 2018, 142 pp. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Theys, Sarina (2021) Routledge Handbook of State Recognition. Edited by Gëzim Visoka, John Doyle and Edward Newman. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Tiwari, Avin and Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Emerging trends of cross border mergers and its tax implications in India: a critical appraisal. BRICS Law Journal, 8 (1). pp. 116-134. ISSN 2409-9058

Tiwari, Avin and Shukla, Gaurav (2021) Merger control & taxation of cross - border merger and acquisitions in Australia, New Zealand, and India: a comparative analysis. Chanakya National Law University Journal, 9 . pp. 186-203. ISSN 0976-805X


Vaha, Milla (2021) Book Review of Thomas E. Doyle II, Nuclear Ethics in the Twenty - First Century. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Vaha, Milla (2021) Book review of Sylvie Loriaux, Kant and Global Distributive Justice. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Vaha, Milla (2021) We are all in this together: evaluating human rights restrictions in selected Pacific Island countries during pandemic. The Journal of Pacific Studies, 41 (2). pp. 54-78. ISSN 1011-3029


Watson, Danielle and Amin, Sara N. and Pino , Nathan (2021) Self-evaluating performance: an analysis of police integrity, professionalism and service provision from the South Pacific. Policing and Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy, 21 Feb . pp. 1-14. ISSN 1043-9463

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