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Aalbersberg, William G.L. and Tawake, Alifereti (2010) Developing locally-managed marine areas in Fiji. Traditional marine management areas in Pacific in the context of national and international law policy. United Nations University, Darwin, Australia. ISBN 9780980708462

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Book Chapter

Comley, James (2011) A revegetation technique to prevent sediment damage to fringing reefs in Vanuatu. In: Catchment Management and Coral Reef Conservation: a practical guide for coastal resource managers to reduce damage from catchment areas based on best practice case studies. Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, Townsville, Australia. ISBN 06423222287

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Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited

Koshy, Kanayathu (1999) Inaugural start - oceania workshop: proceedings of the joint coastal zone management and climate change workshops. [Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited]

Singh, Awnesh M. and Aung, Than H. (2009) Water properties in the Suva Lagoon, Fiji. [Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited]

Book Review or Scholarly Comment

Pohler, Susanne M.L. (2007) Emsian biostromes, Tamworth belt, Australia. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Pohler, Susanne M.L. and May, A. and Schõnlaub, H.P. (2007) Lower devonian crinoidal sand banks and stromatoporoid - hydrozoan buildups, Carnic Alps, Austria. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Collaborative Research

Kauvaka, Lea L. (2013) The power of place - based triangulation: exploring the cultural heritage links between Oceania and Scandinavia. [Collaborative Research] (Unpublished)

Conference Proceedings

Bosserelle, Cyprien and Kruger, Jens and Movono, Make and Reddy, Sandeep K. (2015) Wave Inundation on the Coral Coast of Fiji. [Conference Proceedings]

Faivre, Gaëlle and Lagrabe, Oriane and Ware, Daniel and Kotra, Krishna K. and Tomlinson, Rodger and Mackey, Brendan and Zhang, Hong (2020) Wave transformation within a coral reef lagoon system, Erakor lagoon, Vanuatu. [Conference Proceedings]

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Pohler, Susanne M.L. and Begg, Zulfikar and Collen, J. (2011) Alcyonarian spiculites as possible proxy climate archives: preliminary results. [Conference Proceedings]

Pohler, Susanne M.L. and Begg, Zulfikar and Collen, J. (2011) Alcyonarian spiculites as possible proxy climate archives: preliminary results. [Conference Proceedings]

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Thaman, Randolph R. Islands on the frontline against the winds and waves of global change: emerging environmental issues and actions to build resilience in pacific small island developing states (PSIDS). [Conference Proceedings] (Unpublished)

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Veitayaki, Joeli and Murai, T. (2008) Pursuing sustainable development in Gau island, Fiji: a community initiative to address a global concern. [Conference Proceedings]

Creative Works

Ashton, Danielle and Marulanda, Juan P. and Chand, Kavitesh and Sobhanian, Sama and Veldman, Sem L. and Chand, Shivnay S. and Song, Xuelu and Zhang, Zhirou (2020) GreenSeace. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2004) Coral reef shrimps of Fiji. [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2005) Why manage ocean resources? Our ocean, our future our responsibility! [Creative Works]

Journal Article

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Professional and Technical Reports

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