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Amin, Sara N. and Ganepola, Varuni and Dissanayake, L. (2016) Changing Nature of Forced Migration: Vulnerabilities and Responsibilities in South and Southeast Asia. [Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited]

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Gonschor, Lorenz (2022) Le projet d’ordre royal de Pomare V, ou la souveraineté en suspens : Un siècle avant l’ordre de Tahiti Nui, il y avait déjà une tentative d’établir un ordre honorifique local avec l’accord de la France, dans un contexte de renouement océanien. Bulletin de la Société des Etudes Océaniennes, 358 . pp. 5-37. ISSN 0373-8957

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Morgan, Wesley (2016) Pacific mobility: an idea whose time has come? ANU.


Nakamura, Naohiro (2015) The 2010 socioeconomic survey on the Hokkaido - gai Ainu” and issues in conducting social surveys on the Ainu and implementing Ainu policies. Hokkaido Minzokugaku (Hokkaido Journal of Ethnology), 11 . pp. 1-14. ISSN 1881-0047

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Nanau, Gordon (2017) Review of "Greed and Grievance: Ex-Militants’ Perspectives on the Conflict in Solomon Islands 1998-2003, by Matthew G Allen. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press". [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Narsey, Wadan L. (2009) Politics: British nuclear tests in the Pacific and Pacific Islanders: what were the British officials thinking? Islands Business International.


Sarwal, Amit (2016) Are you a skilled migrant unable to find work in your field? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Australian Waler horses in India. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) The Australian films that inspired Bollywood. SBS AUSTRALIA, Australia.

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Australian way of life: eating sausage with a parantha - a short film. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Barramundi, the queen of freshwater. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Demonetization in India and its effect on NRIs. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Do you know New Delhi was designed based on Australian Architect's plans? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Dum Maro Dum: how the Australian hippie’s imagined India? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Fake ‘Indian doctors’ in Australia: a brief history. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Have you ever been asked to get off by an Australian airline? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Hindi vs English: the document that changed India. SBS AUSTRALIA, Australia.

Sarwal, Amit (2016) I am Nakusa, India’s unwanted girl child. [Creative Works]

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Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Surya mein koi tapu nahin, bas sahab hain.”. [Creative Works]

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Sarwal, Amit (2016) When Australian women missionaries wanted to work with Pandita Ramabai in Pune. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) The cost of Coal. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) The unmissables: artists, writers and families collaborating to find missing loved ones. [Creative Works]

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