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Ahluwalia, Pal and Miller, Toby (2015) We are here because you were there. Taylor & Francis.

Ahluwalia, Pal and Miller, Toby (2016) Why do wars happen? Taylor & Francis.

Allen, Matthew G. and Teaiwa, Katerina and Koya, Cresantia F. and Morgan, Wesley and Monson, Rebecca and Tabe, Tammy (2018) Rush for Oceania: critical perspectives on contemporary oceans governance and stewardship. School of Governance, Development and International Affairs (SGDIA), USP, Suva, Fiji.

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Vaha, Milla (2022) Book review of Benjamin de Carvalho and Halvard Leira (eds.), The Sea and International Relations. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Vaha, Milla (2023) The Pacific’s Nuclear Legacy in the Context of the Climate Crisis. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Vaha, Milla (2023) The sea and International Relations. [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]

Vaha, Milla (2024) The success of small states in International Relations: mice that roar? [Book Review or Scholarly Comment]


Weber, Eberhard (2015) Looking for new friends - Sustainable South-South Cooperation or temporary necessity in Fiji’s international relations after the coup of December 2006. [Conference Proceedings]

Weber, Eberhard (2015) Looking for new friends sustainable south - south cooperation or temporary necessity in Fiji’s international relations after the coup of December 2006. UNSPECIFIED.

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Weber, Eberhard and van Dillen, Susanne (1995) Klimaschutz und Entwicklung - eine indische Perspektive. UNSPECIFIED.

Weir, Christine H. (2012) Ending nuclear testing in the Pacific: Bishop Bryce and the Pacific conference of churches. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

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