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Book Chapter

Katovai, Eric and Katovai, Dawnie D. and Laurance, William F. (2021) Potential Restoration Approaches for Heavily Logged Tropical Forests in Solomon Islands. In: Shaping the Future of Small Islands. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore. ISBN 978-981-15-4882-6

Thaman, Randolph R. and Elevitch, C.R. and Kennedy, P.J. (2006) Urban and homegarden agroforestry in the Pacific Islands: current status and future prospects. In: Tropical Home Gardens: A Time - Tested Example of Sustainable Agroforestry. Springer, Netherlands, pp. 25-41. ISBN 9781402049477

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Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited

Thaman, Randolph R. and Mathias, A. and Bulai, S. (2004) Trees outside forests in the Pacific Islands: proceedings of the regional forestry workshop on trees outside forests. [Book, Journal, Proceedings Edited]

Journal Article

Aynekulu, Ermias and Aerts, Raf and Denich, Manfred and Negussie, Aklilu and Friis, Ib and Demissew, Sebsebe and Boehmer, Hans J. (2016) Plant diversity and regeneration in a disturbed isolated dry Afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia. Folia Geobotanica, 51 (2). pp. 115-127. ISSN 1211-9520

Cacho, O.J. and Milne, S. and Gonzalez, Ricardo and Tacconi, L. (2014) Benefits and costs of deforestation by smallholders: implications for forest conservation and climate policy. Ecological Economics, 107 . pp. 321-332. ISSN 0921-8009

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Katovai, Eric and Katovai, Dawnie and Edwards, Will and Laurance, William (2015) Forest structure, plant diversity and local endemism in a highly varied New Guinea landscape. Tropical Conservation Science, 8 (2). pp. 284-300. ISSN 1940-0829

Katovai, Eric and Katovai, Dawnie D. and Cambell, Mason and Laurance, Susan G. and Edwards, Will and Laurance, William F. (2021) Structural recovery of logged forests in the Solomon Islands: implications for conservation and management. Tropical Conservation Science, 14 . pp. 1-14. ISSN 1940-0829

Katovai, Eric and Sirikolo, Myknee and Srinivasan, Umesh and Edwards, Will and Laurance, William (2016) Factors influencing tree diversity and compositional change across logged forests in the Solomon Islands. Forest Ecology and Management, 372 . pp. 53-63. ISSN 0378-1127

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McNamara, Karen and Prideaux, B. (2011) Planning nature-based hiking trails in a tropical rainforest setting. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 16 (3). pp. 289-305. ISSN 1094-1665

McNamara, Karen and Prideaux, B. (2011) Planning nature-based hiking trails in a tropical rainforest setting. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 16 (3). pp. 289-305. ISSN 1094-1665

Olson, D. and Farley, L. and Patrick, A. and Watling, Dick and Tuiwawa, Marika and Masibalavu, V. and Lenoa, L. and Bogiva, Alifereti and Qauqau, I. and Atherton, J. and Caginitoba, A. and Tokota’a, M. and Prasad, Sunil R. and Morley, Craig and Naisilisili, W. and Raikabula, A. and Mailautoka, K. and Allnutt, T. (2010) Priority forests for conservation in Fiji: landscapes, hotspots and ecological processes. Oryx, 44 (1). pp. 57-70. ISSN 0030-6053

Orcherton, Dan F. (2012) Forging Fijian camaraderie: the cultural significance and social uses of kava (yaqona) (Piper methysticum Forst. f) in three upper watershed communities in north western Viti Levu (Fiji Islands). Journal of South Pacific Agriculture, 37 . pp. 1-19. ISSN 1018-7774 (Unpublished)

Orcherton, Dan F. (2011) Raising the bar: recognizing the intricacies of cultural and ecological knowledge (CEK) in natural resource management. BC Journals of Ecosystem and Management, 12 (3). pp. 55-82. ISSN 1488-4666

Prasad, Ravita D. and Raturi, Atul K. (2021) Prospects of Sustainable Biomass - Based Power Generation in a Small Island Country. Journal of Cleaner Production, 318 . NA. ISSN 0959-6526

Senbeta, Feyera and Schmitt, Christine and Woldemariam, Tadesse and Boehmer, Hans J. and Denich, Manfred (2014) Plant Diversity, Vegetation Structure and Relationship between Plant Communities and Environmental Variables in the Afromontane Forest of Ethiopia. SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science, 37 (2). pp. 113-130. ISSN 0379–2897

Singh, Ashneel A. and Maharaj, Anish A. and Naidu, Havish and Raj, Kushaal and Charan, Dhrishna and Chand, Ravneel and Singh, Sanjay and Joseph, Lionel and Singh, Priyatma and Prasad, Ramendra (2021) Change detection of a coastal woodland mangrove forest in Fiji by integration of remote sensing with spatial mapping. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology, 10 (2). pp. 222-233. ISSN 2278-7666

Thaman, Randolph R. (2014) Agrodeforestation and the loss of agrobiodiversity in the Pacific islands: a call for conservation. Pacific Conservation Biology, 20 (2). pp. 180-192. ISSN 1038-2097

Thaman, Randolph R. (2007) Restoring the Pacific Islands' rich agricultural traditions: an urgent priority. Pacific Ecologist, 15 (2007/0). pp. 51-57. ISSN 1175-6543

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Professional and Technical Reports

Brodie, Gilianne D. and Copeland, Lekima (2010) Land snails and slugs of the Nakorotubu Range, Ra and Tailevu Provinces, Fiji. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Buliruarua, Leigh A. and Fenemore, A. (2010) Report on the best-practice symposium on community-based reforestation/watershed management. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Lagataki, Samuela V. (2011) Assessment of merchantable timber within the Waisoi and Wainavadu NJV revised footprint area. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Meo, Semisi V. and Tawake, Alifereti (2007) Fiji locally-managed marine area (FLMMA) network national learning lessons workshop report, forestry training school, Colo-i-Suva. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Riley, Ralph (2011) Segelsen ridge huckleberry enhancement response monitoring report 2011. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Smith, W. and Korovulavula, Isoa T. (2007) The field test and review of the Fiji forest certification standard report. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Thaman, Randolph R. (2008) Agroforestry and plant propagation in the Northern Pacific. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Thaman, Randolph R. and Hassall, D.C. and Takeda, Shingo (2008) The vegetation and flora of Nauru – 2007: current status, cultural importance and suggestions for conservation, restoration, rehabilitation, agroforestry and food, health and economic security. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Tuiwawa, Marika and Dayal, B. and Buliruarua, Leigh A. (2010) Training manual- a guide to planting local tree species for forest restoration. [Professional and Technical Reports]

Waqa-Sakiti, Hilda F.V. and Marinov, Milen and Crile, Doscher and Liga, Apaitia E. and Cakacaka, Tokasaya (2017) An assessment of the biological diversity and sites of archaeological significance within the Taveuni Forest Reserve and the Ravilevu Nature Reserve 2017. Chapter 5 ENTOMOLOGY. [Professional and Technical Reports]


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Thaman, Randolph R. (2010) Name it, record it, or lose it: tackling the Island biodiversity crisis. Alsa Ltd.

Thaman, Randolph R. (2010) Trees were lifesavers in Samoa tsunami: part 3. Alsa Ltd.

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Weaver, S. and Orcherton, Dan F. and Brown, A. (2010) Forests, climate change and REDD: a Pacific perspective. UNSPECIFIED.

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