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Alo, Allan A. and Koya, Cresantia F. and Rore, Calvin and Logaivau, Damiano (2010) A love for life - silence and HIV. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) After the Tsunami: Poems from the Pacific. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Because. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2007) Celebrate environment week. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Citizen participation. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and accountability. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and election. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and plurality. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and the rule of law. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and transparency. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy, political parties. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy, rights and freedom. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) Hina and Blood Ocean. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) Hope. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Life reborn. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Majority rule and minority rights. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Principles of democracy. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) Sacred. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Sculpture exhibit. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2007) World ocean day. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) A big fish. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) The teacher. [Creative Works]

Anzeg, Afshana M. (2011) Afsana of the Jehajin. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Ashton, Danielle and Marulanda, Juan P. and Chand, Kavitesh and Sobhanian, Sama and Veldman, Sem L. and Chand, Shivnay S. and Song, Xuelu and Zhang, Zhirou (2020) GreenSeace. [Creative Works]


Capron, M.E. and Stewart, J.R. and De Ramon N'Yeurt, Antoine and Chambers, M.D. and Kim, J.K. and Yarish, C. and Jones, A.T. and Blaylock, R.B. and James, S.C. and Fuhrman, R. and Sherman, M.T. and Piper, D. and Harris, G. and Hasan, M.A. (2020) Restoring pre-industrial CO2 levels while achieving Sustainable Development Goals. [Creative Works]


Debbie, Donaldson and Syafiqah, Mohd Nor and Chand, Aneesh A. and Prasad, Kushal A. and Pim, Kelderman and Shristy, Sharma Neupane and Baruwa, Morenikeji Sulaiman and Makinwa, Temiloluwa Solomon (2019) Build_Eco, Planet Care in Play: Educational Toys. [Creative Works]


Hemstock, Sarah L. (2013) The physical reality of climate change in the mind of something dying from it. [Creative Works]

Hemstock, Sarah L. and Beasley, Johanna and Fong, Saimone (2013) EcoArts and Heat Wave Artists Group. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Hemstock, Sarah L. and Fong, Saimoni P. and Beasley, Johanna (2013) EcoArt project: the book of the workshop. [Creative Works]


Iotita, Kuaoni (2003) Rose of destiny. [Creative Works]

Iotita, Kuaoni (2003) Who am I? [Creative Works]


Jowitt, Anita L. (2016) Suva, November '97. [Creative Works]


Koster, Vivian (2009) At the beach. [Creative Works]

Koster, Vivian (2009) For Epeli. [Creative Works]

Koster, Vivian (2009) A reply to reading the fire. [Creative Works]

Kotra, Krishna K. (2018) Collaborative Research: A Pathway for Research to All. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) The Age of Enlightenment. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Art of sublimation - Art and ESD. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Baka - the spirit tree. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Clear sight. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2017) The Density of Vā. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2020) The Fisherman and the Scientist. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Free will. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2017) The Line and the Cord: A Response to Blood in the Kava Bowl. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Lost rainbows never sing. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) Mother and child, Red feathers and teeth and Woman of the blackbird. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2016) Mānava: The biography of living objects. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Name calling. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Pacific storms 2009 exhibition catalogue. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2007) Poems: journeys’, ‘earthbride’, ‘pulotu dreaming’, ‘my mother said’, ‘orphaned hands’, ‘remembering’ (poems). [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2006) Poems: ‘mortality’, ‘your feet: a series’, ‘running rain’, ‘ethnocentrics dream’. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2006) Poems: ‘reading the fire’, ‘ethnocentrics’, ‘so many people have asked’, ‘the mothers’ of wisdom’ and the short story: ‘of love among other things’. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) The Power of Words. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Reading the fire. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Revenge of the louver blade. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Revenge of the louvre blade. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Sand Trees. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Shadow people. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) Shadows. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Tuli-the memory tree. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) Visual Poetry Exhibition. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) The density of Va – the angry native on climate change. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2005) "The mother's of wisdom", "Free fall in love", "Untitled", "Fools", "Gold". [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. and Alo, Allan A. and Koster, Vivian and Taulapapa, D. and Teaero, Teweiariki (2010) Tsunami lament: a response to the tsunami of September 2009. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. and Tarte, Ann (2010) Tangata Fenua. Tangata Moana. People of the land. People of the Sea. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. and Tarte, Ann and Rore, Calvin and Koya, Marie B. (2010) Banyan Tree Project, Fiji 2010. [Creative Works]

Kumar, Rahul and Reddy, Hamendra M. and Mehta, Utkal V. (2014) Study of Transients in Grid Coupled Synchronous Generators. [Creative Works]


Liligeto, Alfred.G. (1984) We,the Villagers. [Creative Works]


Manoa, Pio (1980) Impulse. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio (1976) Singing in their genealogical trees. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio (1976) The dream. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1995) From orality to literacy and to orality again: A story of story. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1981) Invitation. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1981) Laucala Bay. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1976) Under the Nabukalou bridge. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1977) The search. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) About Aji. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Ambulance driver. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) A Bilimbili for Madelaine. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Dear Syd. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Diaspora and the difficult art of dying. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Dowry. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Elegy: Ee Tiang Hong. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Envoi. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Fall. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Feejee III. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Flood. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Grain. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Hanuman. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) II. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) III. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Indian - Australian Association - Annual General Meeting. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Kingsford - Smith. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2016) The Lives of Coat Hangers. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Lorca. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Mt Abu: St Xavier's Church. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Mustard seeds. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Nocturne. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Red button. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2016) Sea Ode. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Seal. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Self - Reflection. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Suva, skye. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Trimurti. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) A Wishing Well in Suva. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) X. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) The amorous Grammarian. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) An epicure. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) A tropical Babu. [Creative Works]


Naidu, Vijay (1993) Whose sea of islands? [Creative Works]


Prasad, Mohit (2015) Diabetes project. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Prasad, Mohit (2012) Suraji. [Creative Works]

Prasad, Mohit (2006) When three met, shared fire: elegy: a certain elegy. [Creative Works]

Prasad, Mohit (2013) A for Apple. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)


Reddy, Karuna G. and Khan, Mohammad G.M. (2018) stratifyR: Optimal Stratification of Univariate Populations. [Creative Works]

Ricketts, Aidan (2007) Changing the world, a step by step guide to community activism. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Ana tangirate Atua. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Aomata n tabo nako. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Life. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Tenonomatoa. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) The Bampipe ensemble. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) Pacific Aerobics. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) The Power of Words. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) Songs on Youth issues in the Pacific. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) Tinaqu. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) A love for life. [Creative Works]


Sarwal, Amit (2016) Are you a skilled migrant unable to find work in your field? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Australian Waler horses in India. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Australian way of life: eating sausage with a parantha - a short film. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Barramundi, the queen of freshwater. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Demonetization in India and its effect on NRIs. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Do you know New Delhi was designed based on Australian Architect's plans? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Dum Maro Dum: how the Australian hippie’s imagined India? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Fake ‘Indian doctors’ in Australia: a brief history. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) Ghar. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Have you ever been asked to get off by an Australian airline? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) I am Nakusa, India’s unwanted girl child. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) JNU demands freedom. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Lest we forget – Indian soldiers at ANZAC. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Mera Ansh”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2019) “Meri Pasand Nahin”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Puraane Aashiq”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) Sabhya Ladki. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) Shahr aur gaon. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Sharad ke Ped”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Should 3 - year - old kids be admitted in full - time pre - school? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Surya mein koi tapu nahin, bas sahab hain.”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) When Australian women missionaries wanted to work with Pandita Ramabai in Pune. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) When Indian Cricket Team wanted Don Bradman to hit centuries. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) The cost of Coal. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) The unmissables: artists, writers and families collaborating to find missing loved ones. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2004) Coconut crabs in Fiji. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2004) Coral reef shrimps of Fiji. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2003) Fiji’s endemic `USP` fish. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2002) Murex shells of Fiji. [Creative Works]

Solomona, Ueta (1973) Ueta Solomon: teacher, musician, composer. [Creative Works]

Solomona, Ueta and Wendt, A. (1973) Ueta Solomona: teacher, musician, composer. [Creative Works]

Subramani, Anurag (2012) Glowing Silhouettes. [Creative Works]

Subramani, Anurag (2007) Mr Jones. [Creative Works]

Subramani, Anurag (2012) Roadkill. [Creative Works]


Teaero, Teweiariki (2009) Beautifully confused. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Dark voices” and “Voices in the dark”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Eitei majesty I. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Eitei’s wings. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2002) Four colour original works of art. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Future zipped”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Illustrations in Atauea et al., 2003, Te non. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Illustrations in Bareka, B. et al., 2003, stories from Kiritimati Island. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Illustrations in Tabokai. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2006) Kian riban Kiribati iroun KISA. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Natural meal”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Niu grooves” and “Lines in life”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Niu life. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) One-person exhibition red wave XXVIII, featuring work in ink, acrylics and oils. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Bwaninin te reirei”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Bwaninin te reirei”. Reproduced in Puamau, P. and Pene, F. (eds.), 2007, The basics of learning: literacy and numeracy in the Pacific. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Ika”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Three brothers”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Te aine. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) Te ngaoniman. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Te tou. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2006) Teweiariki Teaero: artist, poet, educator. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2001) Three ink drawings “fish eyes flower”, “eye in the sky”, “eel follows she”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) An original colour ink drawing for the cover of the book educational ideas from Oceania. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) The painting. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki and Itonga, N. and Areieta, K. and Buatia, B. (2003) Temwananga - a group exhibition. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1983) Circles. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1983) Circles. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) Clocks. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1974) Elite. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1977) Farewell to a friend. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) For Batiri. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1977) Friends. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1973) Island fire. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1981) Look up at the sky. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1977) My neighbour. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1979) No more guava. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1974) Resistance. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) Waiting. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) Waiting. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1973) The encounter. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1974) The fortune teller. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1981) The shell. [Creative Works]


Veitayaki, Joeli (2004) Action plans for the rehabilitation of coastal habitats in Vanuaso Tikina. [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2003) Mangrove physiology. [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2003) Mangrove rehabilitation. [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2005) Why manage ocean resources? Our ocean, our future our responsibility! [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2003) Zonation of mangroves. [Creative Works]

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