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Koya, Cresantia F. and Vaka'uta, Lingikoni and Lagi, Rosiana (2018) Reflections from Oceania on indigenous epistemology, the ocean and sustainability. In: Tidalectics: Imagining an Oceanic Worldview through Art and Science. MIT Press Cambridge Mass, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, pp. 127-132. ISBN 9780262038096

Koya, Cresantia F. (2017) The Digital Vā: Negotiating Socio-spatial Relations in Cyberspace, Place and Time. In: The Relational Self: Decolonizing Personhood in the Pacific. USP and The Pacific Theological College , Suva, pp. 61-78. ISBN 987-982-01-0968-1

Koya, Cresantia F. (2017) Rethinking Research as Relational Space in the Pacific Pedagogy and Praxis. In: Relational Hermeneutics: Decolonisation and the Pacific Itulagi. USP and The Pacific Theological College, Suva, pp. 65-84. ISBN 978-982-01-0967-4

Koya, Cresantia F. (2017) Tapa Culture: Ancient Knowledge - Sacred Spaces. In: Tapa: From Tree bark to cloth. An ancient art of oceania. Somogy editions d'art, Paris , Paris , pp. 283-288. ISBN 978-2-7572-1209-7

Koya, Cresantia F. (2016) Straight Talk | Crooked Thinking: Reflections on Transforming Pacific Learning and Teaching, Teachers and Teacher Education for the 21st Century. In: Weaving theory and practice in Oceania: Threads for Pacific education practitioners. Institute of Education, USP, Tonga, 19 -42. ISBN 978-982-9173-09-6

Koya, Cresantia F. (2015) Pedagogical practices in Fiji schools. In: Transforming Teaching & Learning in Asia and the Pacific. UNESCO, France, pp. 22-43. ISBN 978-92-9223-518-5

Koya, Cresantia F. (2014) Dancing feathers and dreams of green frigate birds: rethinking arts education in oceania — exploring art, culture and education for sustainable development in the Pacific Islands. In: Discussions & Debates in Pacific Education. Common Ground Publishing LLC, Champaign, Illinois, USA, pp. 55-60. ISBN 978-1-61229-534-3

Koya , Cresantia F. and Vaka'uta, Lingikoni (2014) More than a Philosophy! Personal Reflections on the Impact of RPEI on Leadership, Research and Education in Pacific Contemporary Arts: A Tala. In: Of Waves, Winds and Wonderful Things. USP Press, Fiji, pp. 36-49. ISBN 978-982-01-0906-3

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Civics education in Fiji: contradiction or ‘pedagogy of hope’? In: Citizenship Pedagogies in Asia and the Pacific. CERC Studies in Comparative Education (28). Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, pp. 245-268. ISBN 9881785227, 9789881785220

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) The mothers of wisdom: storytelling, diaspora and identity. In: Education for Sustainable Development: Pacific Stories of Sustainable Living. School of Education, the University of the South Pacific and Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO, Suva, Fiji, pp. 79-98. ISBN 9789820108684

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Sustainable living in the Pacific: exploring the role of multiculturalism in teacher education. In: Re-thinking Education Curricula in the Pacific: Challenges and Prospects. He Parekereke, Victoria University Press, Wellington, New Zealand, pp. 102-123. ISBN 0475123425, 9780475123428

Dorovolomo, Jeremy and Koya, Cresantia F. and Veramu, Joseph and Nabobo-Baba, Unaisi (2008) Conclusion: the feasting continues. In: Pacific Education: Issues and Perspectives. The University of the South Pacific, Lautoka, Fiji, pp. 213-216. ISBN 9820108209, 9789820108202

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) Marking time in Pacific schools or does art meet academia in the halls. In: VASU Pacific Women of Power. VASU Publication, Suva, Fiji, pp. 17-18. ISBN 9789829803214

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) The quest for authentic assessment: what are we assessing and why? In: Pacific Education: Issues and Perspectives. The University of the South Pacific, Suva and Lautoka, Fiji, pp. 28-58. ISBN 9820108209 9789820108202

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) A tree grows only as strong as its roots: from schooling to teaching - a personal journey. In: Pacific Educational Journeys. School of Education, the University of the South Pacific, Lautoka, Fiji, pp. 2-15. ISBN 9789820108219

Koya, Cresantia F. (2007) Transforming the fale: From the ‘known’ to the ‘new’ of pre-service teacher education in the Pacific. In: Pacific Voices: Teacher Education on the Move. Pride Project, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, pp. 84-94. ISBN 9789820108103

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