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Book Chapter

Lee, Steven and Ferse, Sebastian C. A. and Ford, Amanda K. and Wild, Christian and Mangubhai, Sangeeta (2017) Effect of sea cucumber density on the health of reef-flat sediments. In: Fiji’s Sea Cucumber Fishery: Advances in Science for Improved Management. Wildlife Conservation Society, Suva, Fiji, pp. 54-61. ISBN 978-0-9820263-0-4

Veitayaki, Joeli and Waqalevu, Viliame P. and Varea, Robert and Rollings, Nicholas (2017) Mangroves in Small Island Development States in the Pacific: An Overview of a Highly Important and Seriously Threatened Resource. In: Participatory Mangrove Management in a Changing Climate: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific. Disaster Risk Reduction: Methods, Approaches and Practices . Springer, Japan, pp. 303-327. ISBN 978-4-431-56479-9

Conference Proceedings

Dorovolomo, Jeremy and Rore, Alice and Waqairatu, Salote and Kuma, Clayton and Maebuta, Jack (2017) Informal conversations of students at a Pacific Islands university: A study of the nature of shared information and knowledge construction. [Conference Proceedings]

Journal Article

Badosa, Anna and Frisch, Dagmar and Green, Andy J. and Rico, Ciro and Gómez, Africa (2017) Isolation mediates persistent founder effects on zooplankton colonisation in new temporary ponds. Scientific Reports, 7 (43983). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2045-2322

Cunha, V and Burkhardt-Medicke, K and Wellner, P and Santos, MM and Moradas-Ferreira, P and Luckenbach, T and Ferreira, Marta (2017) Effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) on multixenobiotic resistance (MXR) related efflux transporter activity in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 136 . pp. 14-23. ISSN 0147-6513

Cunha, V and Santos, MM and Moradas-Ferreira, P and Castro, LFC and Ferreira, Marta (2017) Simvastatin modulates gene expression of key receptors in zebrafish embryos. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 80 . pp. 1-12. ISSN 1528-7394

Edgar, Graham J. and Alexander, Timothy J. and Lefcheck, Jonathan S. and Bates, Amanda E. and Kininmonth, Stuart J. and Thomson, Russell J. and Duffy, Emmett and Costello, Mark J. and Stuart-Smith, Rick D. (2017) Abundance and local - scale processes contribute to multi-phyla gradients in global marine diversity. Science Advances, 3 (e17004). TBA. ISSN 2375-2548

Ford, Amanda K. and Eich, Andreas and McAndrews, Ryan S. and Mangubhai, Sangeeta and Nugues, Maggy M. and Bejarano, Sonia and Moore, Bradley R. and Rico, Ciro and Wild, Christian and Ferse, Sebastian C. A. (2017) Evaluation of coral reef management effectiveness using conventional versus resilience-based metrics. Ecological Indicators, 85 . pp. 308-317. ISSN 1470-160X

Ford, Amanda K. and van Hoytema, Nanne and Moore, Bradley R. and Pandihau, Lina and Wild, Christian and Ferse, Sebastian C. A. (2017) High sedimentary oxygen consumption indicates that sewage input from small islands drives benthic community shifts on overfished reefs. Environmental Conservation, 44 . pp. 405-411. ISSN 0376-8929

Gard, A. Rowan and Veitayaki, Joeli (2017) In The Wake Of Winston – Climate Change, Mobility And Resiliency In Fiji. International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 7 (2). pp. 157-168. ISSN 2041-9031

Goundar, Avnita and Newell, Alison and Nuttall, Peter and Rojon, Isabelle and Samuwai, Jale (2017) King Canute muses in the South Seas: Why aren’t Pacific Islands transitioning to low carbon sea transport futures? Marine Policy, 81 . pp. 80-90. ISSN 0308-597X

Hewavitharane, C.A. and Pickering, T.D. and Rico, Ciro and Mochioka, N. (2017) Species identification and morphological differences of anguillid glass eels recruiting to Viti Levu Island of Fiji in the western South Pacific. Aquaculture Science, 65 (4). pp. 357-366. ISSN 0371-4217

Marie, Amandine D. and Miller, C. and Cawich, C. and Piovano, Susanna and Rico, Ciro (2017) Fisheries - independent surveys identify critical habitats for young scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) in the Rewa Delta, Fiji. Scientific Reports, 7 (17273). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2045-2322

Marie, Amandine D. and Smith, Steve and Green, Andy J. and Rico, Ciro and Lejeusne, Christophe (2017) Transcriptomic response to thermal and salinity stress in introduced and native sympatric Palaemon caridean shrimps. Scientific Reports, 7 (13980). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2045-2322

Newell, Alison and Nuttall, Peter and Prasad, Biman C. and Veitayaki, Joeli (2017) Turning the Tide: the need for sustainable sea transport in the Pacific. Marine Policy, 75 . p. 249. ISSN 0308-597X

Piovano, Susanna and Gilman, Eric (2017) Elasmobranch captures in the Fijian pelagic longline fishery. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 27 (2). pp. 381-393. ISSN 1052-7613

Piovano, Susanna and Swimmer, Yonat (2017) Effects of a hook ring on catch and bycatch in a Mediterranean swordfish longline fishery: small addition with otentially large consequences. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 27 (2). pp. 372-380. ISSN 1052-7613

Rico, Ciro and Cuesta, Jose A. and Drake, Pilar and Macpherson, Enrique and Bernachetz, Louis and Marie, Amandine D. (2017) Null alleles are ubiquitous at microsatellite loci in the Wedge Clam (Donax trunculus). PeerJ, 5 (e3188). pp. 1-21. ISSN 2167-8359

Stuart-Smith, R.D. and Edgar, G.J. and Barrett, N.S. and Bates, A.E. and Baker, S.C. and Bax, N.J. and Becerro, M.A. and Berkhout, J. and Blanchard, J.L. and Brock, D.J. and Clark, G.F. and Cooper, A.T. and Davis, T.R. and Day, P.B. and Duffy, J.E. and Holmes, T.H. and Howe, S.A. and Jordan, A. and Kininmonth, Stuart J. and Knott, N.A. and Lefcheck, J.S. and Ling, S.D. and Parr, A. and Strain, E. and Sweatman, H. and Thomson, R. (2017) Assessing national biodiversity trends for rocky and coral reefs through the integration of citizen science and scientific monitoring programs. BioScience, 67 (2). pp. 134-146. ISSN 0006-3568

Stuart-Smith, Rick D. and Edgar, Graham J. and Barrett, Neville S. and Bates, Amanda E. and Baker, Susan C. and Bax, Nicholas J. and Becerro, Mikel A. and Berkhout, Just and Blanchard, Julia L. and Brock, Daniel J. and Clark, Graeme F. and Cooper, Antonia T. and Davis, Tom R. and Day, Paul B. and Duffy, J. Emmett and Holmes, Thomas H. and Howe, Steffan A. and Jordan, Alan and Kininmonth, Stuart and Knott, Nathan A. and Lefcheck, Jonathan S. and Ling, Scott D. and Parr, Amanda and Strain, Elisabeth and Sweatman, Hugh and Thomson, Russell (2017) Assessing National Biodiversity Trends for Rocky and Coral Reefs through the Integration of Citizen Science and Scientific Monitoring Programs. BioScience, 67 (8). pp. 774-786. ISSN 0006-3568

Sutherland, Ben J.G. and Rico, Ciro and Audet, Céline and Bernatchez, Louis (2017) Sex Chromosome Evolution, Heterochiasmy, and Physiological QTL in the Salmonid Brook Charr Salvelinus fontinalis. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 7 . pp. 2749-2762. ISSN 2160-1836

Thaman, Baravi S. and Thaman, Randolph R. and Balawa, A. and Veitayaki, Joeli (2017) The Recovery of a Tropical Marine Mollusk Fishery: A Transdisciplinary Community-Based Approach in Navakavu, Fiji. Journal of Ethnobiology, 37 (3). pp. 494-513. ISSN 0278-0771

Yeeting, A.D. and Weikard, H.P. and Bailey, M. and Ram-Bidesi, Vina and Bush, S.R. (2017) Stabilising cooperation through pragmatic tolerance: the case of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) tuna fishery. Regional Environmental Change, NA . NA. ISSN 1436-3798

van Putten, Elizabeth I. and Jennings, Sarah and Hobday, A.J. and Bustamante, Rodrigo H. and Dutra, Leo and Frusher, Stewart and Fulton, Elizabeth A. and Haward, Marcus and Plagány, E. Éva and Thomas, Linda and Pecl, Gretta T. (2017) Recreational fishing in a time of rapid ocean change. Marine Policy, 76 . pp. 169-177. ISSN 0308-597X

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