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Alo, Allan A. and Koya, Cresantia F. and Rore, Calvin and Logaivau, Damiano (2010) A love for life - silence and HIV. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) After the Tsunami: Poems from the Pacific. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Because. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2007) Celebrate environment week. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Citizen participation. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and accountability. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and election. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and plurality. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and the rule of law. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy and transparency. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy, political parties. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Democracy, rights and freedom. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) Hina and Blood Ocean. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) Hope. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Life reborn. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Majority rule and minority rights. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Principles of democracy. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2009) Sacred. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) Sculpture exhibit. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2007) World ocean day. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) A big fish. [Creative Works]

Anderson, Kylie J. (2010) The teacher. [Creative Works]

Anzeg, Afshana M. (2011) Afsana of the Jehajin. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Ashton, Danielle and Marulanda, Juan P. and Chand, Kavitesh and Sobhanian, Sama and Veldman, Sem L. and Chand, Shivnay S. and Song, Xuelu and Zhang, Zhirou (2020) GreenSeace. [Creative Works]


Debbie, Donaldson and Syafiqah, Mohd Nor and Chand, Aneesh A. and Prasad, Kushal A. and Pim, Kelderman and Shristy, Sharma Neupane and Baruwa, Morenikeji Sulaiman and Makinwa, Temiloluwa Solomon (2019) Build_Eco, Planet Care in Play: Educational Toys. [Creative Works]


Hemstock, Sarah L. (2013) The physical reality of climate change in the mind of something dying from it. [Creative Works]

Hemstock, Sarah L. and Beasley, Johanna and Fong, Saimone (2013) EcoArts and Heat Wave Artists Group. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Hemstock, Sarah L. and Fong, Saimoni P. and Beasley, Johanna (2013) EcoArt project: the book of the workshop. [Creative Works]


Iotita, Kuaoni (2003) Rose of destiny. [Creative Works]

Iotita, Kuaoni (2003) Who am I? [Creative Works]


Jowitt, Anita L. (2016) Suva, November '97. [Creative Works]


Koster, Vivian (2009) At the beach. [Creative Works]

Koster, Vivian (2009) For Epeli. [Creative Works]

Koster, Vivian (2009) A reply to reading the fire. [Creative Works]

Kotra, Krishna K. (2018) Collaborative Research: A Pathway for Research to All. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) The Age of Enlightenment. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Art of sublimation - Art and ESD. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Baka - the spirit tree. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Clear sight. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2017) The Density of Vā. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2020) The Fisherman and the Scientist. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Free will. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2017) The Line and the Cord: A Response to Blood in the Kava Bowl. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Lost rainbows never sing. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) Mother and child, Red feathers and teeth and Woman of the blackbird. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2016) Mānava: The biography of living objects. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Name calling. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Pacific storms 2009 exhibition catalogue. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2007) Poems: journeys’, ‘earthbride’, ‘pulotu dreaming’, ‘my mother said’, ‘orphaned hands’, ‘remembering’ (poems). [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2006) Poems: ‘mortality’, ‘your feet: a series’, ‘running rain’, ‘ethnocentrics dream’. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2006) Poems: ‘reading the fire’, ‘ethnocentrics’, ‘so many people have asked’, ‘the mothers’ of wisdom’ and the short story: ‘of love among other things’. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) The Power of Words. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Reading the fire. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Revenge of the louver blade. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Revenge of the louvre blade. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Sand Trees. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) Shadow people. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) Shadows. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2009) Tuli-the memory tree. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2008) Visual Poetry Exhibition. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2010) The density of Va – the angry native on climate change. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. (2005) "The mother's of wisdom", "Free fall in love", "Untitled", "Fools", "Gold". [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. and Alo, Allan A. and Koster, Vivian and Taulapapa, D. and Teaero, Teweiariki (2010) Tsunami lament: a response to the tsunami of September 2009. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. and Tarte, Ann (2010) Tangata Fenua. Tangata Moana. People of the land. People of the Sea. [Creative Works]

Koya, Cresantia F. and Tarte, Ann and Rore, Calvin and Koya, Marie B. (2010) Banyan Tree Project, Fiji 2010. [Creative Works]

Kumar, R. R. and Reddy, Hamendra M. and Mehta, Utkal V. (2014) Study of Transients in Grid Coupled Synchronous Generators. [Creative Works]


Liligeto, Alfred.G. (1984) We,the Villagers. [Creative Works]


Manoa, Pio (1980) Impulse. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio (1976) Singing in their genealogical trees. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio (1976) The dream. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1995) From orality to literacy and to orality again: A story of story. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1981) Invitation. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1981) Laucala Bay. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1976) Under the Nabukalou bridge. [Creative Works]

Manoa, Pio E. (1977) The search. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) About Aji. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Ambulance driver. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) A Bilimbili for Madelaine. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Dear Syd. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Diaspora and the difficult art of dying. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Dowry. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Elegy: Ee Tiang Hong. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Envoi. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Fall. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Feejee III. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Flood. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Grain. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Hanuman. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) II. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) III. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Indian - Australian Association - Annual General Meeting. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Kingsford - Smith. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2016) The Lives of Coat Hangers. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Lorca. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Mt Abu: St Xavier's Church. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Mustard seeds. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Nocturne. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Red button. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2016) Sea Ode. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) Seal. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2018) Self - Reflection. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Suva, skye. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) Trimurti. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) A Wishing Well in Suva. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) X. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) The amorous Grammarian. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2012) An epicure. [Creative Works]

Mishra, Sudesh R. (2013) A tropical Babu. [Creative Works]


Naidu, Vijay (1993) Whose sea of islands? [Creative Works]

Narayan, Jashwini J. (2021) Participation by singing India's national anthem for the Celebrating 75 years of India's Independence. [Creative Works]


Prasad, Mohit (2015) Diabetes project. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)

Prasad, Mohit (2012) Suraji. [Creative Works]

Prasad, Mohit (2006) When three met, shared fire: elegy: a certain elegy. [Creative Works]

Prasad, Mohit (2013) A for Apple. [Creative Works] (Unpublished)


Reddy, Karuna G. and Khan, Mohammad G.M. (2018) stratifyR: Optimal Stratification of Univariate Populations. [Creative Works]

Ricketts, Aidan (2007) Changing the world, a step by step guide to community activism. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Ana tangirate Atua. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Aomata n tabo nako. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Life. [Creative Works]

Rokete, Teewata A. (2003) Tenonomatoa. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) The Bampipe ensemble. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) Pacific Aerobics. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) The Power of Words. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) Songs on Youth issues in the Pacific. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) Tinaqu. [Creative Works]

Rore, Calvin (2009) A love for life. [Creative Works]


Sarwal, Amit (2016) Are you a skilled migrant unable to find work in your field? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Australian Waler horses in India. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Australian way of life: eating sausage with a parantha - a short film. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Barramundi, the queen of freshwater. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Demonetization in India and its effect on NRIs. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Do you know New Delhi was designed based on Australian Architect's plans? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Dum Maro Dum: how the Australian hippie’s imagined India? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Fake ‘Indian doctors’ in Australia: a brief history. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) Ghar. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) Have you ever been asked to get off by an Australian airline? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) I am Nakusa, India’s unwanted girl child. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) JNU demands freedom. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Lest we forget – Indian soldiers at ANZAC. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Mera Ansh”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2019) “Meri Pasand Nahin”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Puraane Aashiq”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) Sabhya Ladki. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) Shahr aur gaon. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Sharad ke Ped”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) Should 3 - year - old kids be admitted in full - time pre - school? [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2018) “Surya mein koi tapu nahin, bas sahab hain.”. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) When Australian women missionaries wanted to work with Pandita Ramabai in Pune. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) When Indian Cricket Team wanted Don Bradman to hit centuries. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2016) The cost of Coal. [Creative Works]

Sarwal, Amit (2017) The unmissables: artists, writers and families collaborating to find missing loved ones. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2004) Coconut crabs in Fiji. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2004) Coral reef shrimps of Fiji. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2003) Fiji’s endemic `USP` fish. [Creative Works]

Seeto, Johnson (2002) Murex shells of Fiji. [Creative Works]

Solomona, Ueta (1973) Ueta Solomon: teacher, musician, composer. [Creative Works]

Solomona, Ueta and Wendt, A. (1973) Ueta Solomona: teacher, musician, composer. [Creative Works]

Subramani, Anurag (2012) Glowing Silhouettes. [Creative Works]

Subramani, Anurag (2007) Mr Jones. [Creative Works]

Subramani, Anurag (2012) Roadkill. [Creative Works]


Teaero, Teweiariki (2009) Beautifully confused. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Dark voices” and “Voices in the dark”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Eitei majesty I. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Eitei’s wings. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2002) Four colour original works of art. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Future zipped”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Illustrations in Atauea et al., 2003, Te non. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Illustrations in Bareka, B. et al., 2003, stories from Kiritimati Island. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) Illustrations in Tabokai. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2006) Kian riban Kiribati iroun KISA. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Natural meal”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) “Niu grooves” and “Lines in life”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Niu life. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) One-person exhibition red wave XXVIII, featuring work in ink, acrylics and oils. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Bwaninin te reirei”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Bwaninin te reirei”. Reproduced in Puamau, P. and Pene, F. (eds.), 2007, The basics of learning: literacy and numeracy in the Pacific. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Ika”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2007) Painting titled “Three brothers”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Te aine. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2005) Te ngaoniman. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2004) Te tou. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2006) Teweiariki Teaero: artist, poet, educator. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2001) Three ink drawings “fish eyes flower”, “eye in the sky”, “eel follows she”. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) An original colour ink drawing for the cover of the book educational ideas from Oceania. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki (2003) The painting. [Creative Works]

Teaero, Teweiariki and Itonga, N. and Areieta, K. and Buatia, B. (2003) Temwananga - a group exhibition. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1983) Circles. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1983) Circles. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) Clocks. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1974) Elite. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1977) Farewell to a friend. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) For Batiri. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1977) Friends. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1973) Island fire. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1981) Look up at the sky. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1977) My neighbour. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1979) No more guava. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1974) Resistance. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) Waiting. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1976) Waiting. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1973) The encounter. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1974) The fortune teller. [Creative Works]

Thaman, Konaiholeva H. (1981) The shell. [Creative Works]


Veitayaki, Joeli (2004) Action plans for the rehabilitation of coastal habitats in Vanuaso Tikina. [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2003) Mangrove physiology. [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2003) Mangrove rehabilitation. [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2005) Why manage ocean resources? Our ocean, our future our responsibility! [Creative Works]

Veitayaki, Joeli (2003) Zonation of mangroves. [Creative Works]

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